We can all learn a little something from Voldemort.


Let’s face it: it’s the ones in the striking costumes with super powers of good that we normally turn to for inspiration in how to better ourselves.

Feeling overwhelmed ladies? Take a leaf from Wonder Woman’s book. Flex those muscles of superhuman strength and whip out that lasso of truth, nothing can stop you now!

And who would dare to stop you men, if you unsheathed your wolverine claws, stroked your near-ageless skin and instantly healed a fatal wound?

It’s shocking the amount of people I hear-of all ages-wishing they could be someone else. No one wants to be average. Everyone wants that talent that’s just that tiny bit better than everyone else’s. Everyone wants that body that makes people swoon. Everyone wants perfection.

So, in search of a role model that gave me that very thing, I stumbled across the very opposite of a hero:


(It may seem controversial and slightly wrong but let’s not dwell on his murderous track record.)

When everything is against him, when he is in the middle of battle, Voldemort declares the most inspiring message of self belief: ‘I AM EXTRAORDINARY.’ We may not agree that he personally is, but step away from who he is and what he’s done and you come to a very different conclusion.

If only we were all so confident. We wouldn’t need a Wonder Woman or a Wolverine. Goodbye to Spiderman and Catwoman. And hello to US. Hello to the superheroes of TODAY.

It makes Snape look rather weak in my opinion. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why he didn’t turn around to Voldemort at this outburst and speak up. He should have whipped back those greasy locks, looked his master in the face and said:

‘You know what, Voldy? SO AM  I.’