The world does not amount to a spanner

We’ve all been the victim of what we call ‘one of those days’. You know the one-where eleven different people seem to be asking you eleven different favours and to be in eleven different places at one time. Nothing goes right. Your blood pressure soars through the roof.  You spill ketchup down your front when you eventually take a minute to shove some food down your throat.

And you aim a sly kick at your innocent cat for yowling too loudly while you work.

I seem to have had countless numbers of these days, believe me: I am the QUEEN of these days. Not only do I display all of the above symptoms, I am also prone to angry outbursts of long lists of everything in life that is worrying me. These are lists that go back not one day…but YEARS, bursting open old wounds and making the situation sound so much worse than it is so that I can justify my awful behaviour.

Which is why, when I receive a call from my boyfriend and he’s practically breathing fire at me down the phone, I understand completely where he’s coming from.

‘The car is broken, the brake light is gone, I’ve cut open my hand, there’s no one around who can help and I can’t find the bloody spanner!’ …were his main problems.

*Cue the sudden pressure thrust upon you when your partner is having (a somewhat minor) crisis*

My mind manically sifted through all the times this situation was reversed and he said something comforting to me, but realised me saying his signature ‘I love you, it will be fine’ would probably enrage him further.

It is times like this in life where we should all just take a step back (myself included) and stop, just for a minute. The problems won’t go anywhere while you stop to think how to fix them. Sometimes, one of the biggest problems we have is being unable to let go and accept temporary defeat. We may be the dominant species on this planet but it does not make us little gods. We cannot change everything that happens to us.

…So what did I tell my boyfriend?


I told him to breathe.

I told him to stop throwing the spare tyre around.

And I told him that the world does not amount to a spanner.


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