Love is…bonkers.

It seems to me to be an impossible word to define and yet, like all things, just type it into Google and there it is. Over 5,000 words on Wikipedia describing what it is and what it has meant and how it means different things to different people.

This is just bonkers.

I may be alone in this, but there are some things we simply cannot put into words. Words can give life to so many wonderful things, but equally it can kill with a simple definition:

Love: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person

These words are so dry, so dead, that the meaning of ‘love’ to me is completely arbitrary. In fact, it sounds so deathly dull that I don’t think I’ll bother.

I’ll go knit instead.

There are many things that as humans, we excel at. Science, literature, adventure, architecture…but for some reason, we get ever so muddled when it comes to those philosophical questions that require us to actually search within ourselves for an answer.

What is reality?

What is man?

What is love?

Now, I am no expert, I don’t have a mind blowing alternative definition for you. But I do know that love is not something to be printed in black and white on the dry page of a dictionary. Love is something we FEEL, it is something we ARE.

Love is sharing a pocket on a wintry walk.

Love is pretending to like their taste in music.

Love is giving up the last cookie.

Love is a smiling when you kiss.

Love is words whispered to you in the dead of night.

Love is protection.

Love is being happy even when you are sad.

You cannot sum up what love is, you cannot say what love is to other people. It can’t be listed here on this blog; it can’t be pointed to in a book. You simply have to dive in feet first and be submerged in it. Let it take your breath away.

Because it’s a crazy thing, love. Completely bonkers.


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