I believe it is in the dead of night that people are truly inspired and at their most wise. Words are spoken that emerge from a well within you and you have no control over them. You simply feel them forming on your tongue and, I don’t know-maybe it’s exhaustion, maybe it’s something bigger and more complex than yourself-but suddenly, you’re saying something marvellous.

Like, on the level of Gandhi marvellous. 

For me, it is just when the moon hits that peak in the sky that my mind starts to buzz into life once more. I have dreams as vivid as reality and fantastical as a fairy tale. Characters spring to life, adventures unfold and my eyes flicker open with an eagerness to grab the nearest piece of paper and get scribbling.

Whoever tries to explain this away with science is a person who cannot have had such a feeling. I cannot believe that something this magical can come from neurons in the brain or is a response to a psychological trigger. This HAS to be something bigger than ourselves.

Because otherwise, what would we be?

Without this spark of ‘something else’ we would be as robots. We would be going through the motions; showing affection when commanded to, not when we felt it; crushing those in our path. We would be monsters.

When all is said and done, we are all so much more. We are magical creatures. Complex. Outstanding. Vulnerable.

When all is said and done, the words we speak in the dead of night may be the greatest truths we will ever know.

When all is said and done, none of us understand anyone on this earth.



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