The Silence in the Midst

To-do lists




All of the above govern the lives of so many of us. We find ourselves struggling to get to several different places by certain times with a variety of belongings nearly every day.

We fill our weeks with things to do and spend the weekends trying to make the most of the freedom by forcing ourselves to wake up early and race to the nearest beach or shopping mall.

This is not an accusation. In fact, to an extent I think it’s the wisest thing to do. Life is precious and worth filling every moment with memories and adventure. Even if that adventure is a casual stroll to the office photocopier.

The thing is, we may find ourselves rushed off our feet; we may find ourselves out of breath with our blood pressure soaring through the roof. But as I lay in bed this morning, I discovered a beautiful silence that we all overlook.

As we exhale, just for a second, our body stops. We stop needing any more oxygen; we stop needing to move our diaphragm; we don’t even need to think if we don’t want to. All that’s left is a contented body and our heartbeat.

Just our heartbeat.

Don’t you think it’s beautiful that within such madness, with our lack of time and crazy schedules, our bodies have this gem of magical stillness that continues even when we are ignorant of it?

So next time you find yourself fighting against a crowd or cursing under your breath as you weave in and out of traffic, rueing the day you agreed to start a career – whether that be vocational or the impressive journey of mother/fatherhood – just breathe.

Because in the midst of it all is this wonderful nugget of transcendent silence, the calm in the storm. And it is just you.

Just you and your heartbeat.


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