The World Smiles With You

Today is the first blog I have written in some time, which has been largely down to some personal matter but also due to the fact that I have been abroad, exploring the beautiful island of Rhodes (but more about that later).

The main reason I have taken up the laptop and loaded this site again so soon upon return is for someone incredibly special to me.

I would like to say a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful baby sister.

There are relationships we all experience throughout life – whether they be that of family, friendship, or love – that we know deep down mean a whole lot more to us than others. Some sisters spend their lives bickering and fighting, competing for attention until they eventually move out of their parents’ house and proceed to ignore each other. Me and my sister have had our fair share of bickering, and have had a fierce competition of who could achieve higher with various instruments (I still think I won that one), but when all is said and done, we trundle along quite happily as best friends.

From pantomimes we performed as young girls for our placating family to boyfriend gossip as teens and now to career advice as young women, there hasn’t been a moment when we’ve been apart. At least not spiritually.

I would like to thank her publically for all she has put up with from me (she’s put up with a lot). I would like to tell her how much I love her (I love her a lot). And I would like to tell her that she deserves nothing but happiness and laughter for the rest of her life (she ignores me when I tell her these things. She ignores me a lot).

We’ve had a pretty rough year so far baby sis and I wouldn’t have got through it without you holding my hand. Don’t let it taint this fantastic day and look to the future now: 17 is an incredible age. Enjoy the feeling of teetering on the edge of becoming an adult (it gets scarier from here on).

Above all though, SMILE.

Because today, the world smiles with you.


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