‘The Trip of a Lifetime’ – An Introduction

There are books written about it, fantasies dreamt about it and savings accounts struggling to purchase it:

The Trip of a Lifetime.

I spent a few moments before writing this blog trying to discern what people mean when they talk about this ‘once in a lifetime’ experience and what struck me is that a lot of suggestions are labelled as being nearly impossible to achieve – whether that be through expense, accessibility, or impracticality. In fact, there are ENTIRE BLOGS dedicated to the impossibility of fantastical trips.

…Now I don’t know if I’m being naively optimistic, but this feels a bit too bleak for my liking.

Your Trip of a Lifetime may very well be skiing on every available resort on the planet or getting a private helicopter to fly you out to the most remote island on Earth…but, let’s face it, unless you’re a billionaire, you’ll be waiting a VERY long time to save up for something that extravagant.

Personally, I don’t believe in The Trip of a Lifetime. I believe there are trips we go on that become a highlight to life; trips that stay with us, mould our opinions and teach us that little bit more about the people of another culture. You don’t have to spend extortionate amounts of money or aim for a location that’s entirely out of reach. All you need is an escape, with a bit of fun thrown in.

I’m saying this because I recently returned from a holiday that quickly became one of the best of my life – I guess you could call it my Trip of a Lifetime to date – and I want to share it. The following blogs will recount my experiences and tell the stories that I know will stay with me. It may not be much to those of you who still yearn to trek through the mountains of Asia on the back of a Yak, but to me, it was beautiful.

So, in my next blog ‘BECAUSE…PEFKOS’ travel with me to the island of Rhodes and see things through my eyes. Just for a minute.

Then you can go on saving for Asia.


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