‘The Trip of a Lifetime’ – Because…Pefkos (Part 1)

The plane touched down at 3am local time, the pilot announcing his usual welcome to the country accompanied with the information that it was 33°C outside.

3am and 33°C. This holiday was going to be a hot one.

I turned to my partner and grinned.

‘Why is it so hot in Rhodes?’ I asked him.

He mused for a moment or two before replying: ‘Because…Pefkos.’

This little routine had become somewhat of a habit between the two of us in the lead up to the holiday. We had been running, eating rabbit food, doing workout videos, going to Zumba classes (I was alone in that one) and generally just trying to make ourselves better for beach exposure. Why? Well, because…Pefkos.

We had a two hour transfer ahead of us until we reached the town of Pefkos-which was clouded by a tiny bit of worry on our part. We had made the mistake of trying to find our hotel on Google maps…and had failed miserably, convinced ourselves the hotel didn’t exist and decided that we would be homeless on a Greek Island for an entire week.

Fast forward a few hours however and you would find a groggy, bleary eyed couple blinking in the bright lights of a clean, modern and welcoming hotel reception, being told our room was in the ‘Gardens.’

It wasn’t until we woke up the next morning that we realised that that meant we had this view from our balcony window:

Excited doesn’t quite cover it. Turns out my frantic last minute search for a hotel on any and every which site I could find had paid off. Smug is not quite the word I would use to describe how I felt…but it was close.

As it was my partner’s first beach holiday abroad and in such a dramatic climate, we lounged by the pool for the first day, sweating contentedly and getting more of a tan in those first 20 minutes than we did for the rest of the holiday. Sipping cocktails and jumping in the pool when our insides felt as though they were starting to literally cook, it was rather pleasant.

The evening crept reluctantly over the tangerine sky and we set off in search of the beach. A sign told us it was 100m away…

…It lied.

This happened to us many a time whilst in Rhodes. The Greeks seem to have a much more relaxed view on distance than any Englishman. If they weren’t sure how far the destination was, it seemed they would simply label it as being 100m away. It took a while to get used to but soon became the norm.

We explored the town that night, ending up in a restaurant sampling a Greek Plate (consisting of mousaka, meatballs, sausage, stuffed peppers and some glorious herb infused potatoes). We also found a supermarket with some rather interesting bottle openers – but more about that later.

For now, we were tired and wanted to get back to our room and sleep. It wasn’t as if it was a long walk.

I’d say about 100 meters.


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