Here’s to You

Sometimes you can feel lost in the place that you call Home. You can look into the cupboard with all that food you just lugged home through the rain and not know why you bought a single item. The programmes on TV seem to mock you: every channel has a face you don’t recognise – there is no familiarity there. Even your own bedroom seems barren, with sheets rumpled and unkempt and a stuffed toy whose childhood name you cannot remember.

When a blank page scares me, I know I’m not feeling my best. When I don’t see a canvas to be sprawled on with all the colours we know and all of those we can only guess at; when the faint buzz of activity is coming from my computer and not my own brain; when adventure and wisdom is just out of reach…everything I feel that makes me me seems to have run for cover in another corner of my Self.

And not knowing where You are is the most terrifying feeling in the world.

But it’s at times like these when the people around you suddenly become the essentials of existence. They bring to you laughter, and stories, and love, and remind you of the rest of the world that’s waiting for your return just outside the front door. Like that bubble of oxygen that grants you your next breath, they bring warmth and life.

So here’s to the people we love. Here’s to those who feel helplessness and despair as they watch sadness cloak around others, but who refuse to walk away.

Here’s to the people whose touch of a hand can make darkness bright again.

‘Candle Flame’ by Zhenia


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