Simplicity is often what we are lacking in life.

When chaos reigns and disaster strikes…or even just when we can’t summon the energy to get us through the day…our feelings mutate and take hold. Suddenly your shoe finds every pothole in the road, casting you to the floor. Every task you set yourself goes wrong and rage gripes at your throat in a chokehold of unavoidable frustration. Every word spoken to you has layer upon layer of meaning, laced with insult and accusation.

Nothing is simple. Nothing is easy.

But the days when we can step back and watch others from afar as they stumble through this maze of Life are the gifts to us all. They are the tiny gems of wisdom and clarity; they are the pinpricks of light in the dark.

Though we may not always remember the beauty of them in the midst of sadness, they are always there within us, a cloudy pearl of distant beauty. And then when the day comes when you emerge out of the clouds once more, it is like returning home. It is as though, just for this one day, simplicity rules.

And on this day, potholes cast you into the arms of friends.

On this day, unspeakable rage vanishes in the reassuring smile of a stranger.

On this day, just three words can speak more truth to you than any others.

Just a simple three words.


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