I am Superman

With all the snow drama, the New Years plans to eat more healthily so as to look like Kate Middleton by June, the muscles worked hard at the gym, the brain stretched to breaking point with work…sometimes we could all do with a TIMEOUT.


It’s easy to forget how human we are. We multi-task and raise families, entertain friends and bosses, haul our bodies out of bed in the ridiculous hours of the morning, and often it simply slips our mind to sit back and do nothing. To just…be. 

Even the idea of not doing anything makes me instantly fidget. I can understand those people with every second of every day planned out perfectly because I would be lying if I said having a list of objectives and achieving them didn’t make me feel great. When everything gets checked off that list, I feel like Batman’s Robin on his first day of wearing tights.


But for the first time in a long time, I have recently found myself with hours of free time.

Cue the mild sense of panic.

With no assignments, no real chores other than feeding myself, no scheduled social events or appointments, I was thumbing through a backlog of magazines that had been lying around for months, my mind buzzing with boredom at the repetitive articles telling me how to ‘spice up’ my relationship or achieve the ‘smoothest hairstyle’. I needed human interaction…so I ventured out of my comfort zone and, twenty minutes later, was barely able to breathe from laughter.

This is what life is about: PEOPLE. You are never alone even when you think you are. In my case, the relief to my boredom was down a single flight of steps. Suddenly, I was catapulted out of the box I was neatly slotted into and straight into a group of people doing nothing at all, and loving it.  I was relaxing and telling stories and being more ME than I had been in longer than I could remember, laughing at my housemate with a swollen tongue and unfortunate lisp following a tongue piercing as she tried to say ‘Silly Sausages.’ Even the complete stranger emerging silently from the bathroom an hour later, with no explanation as to who he was or how he came to be there was hilarious…albeit a bit odd.

So, even though I’m just another face rabbiting on about how great an experience she had, give it a chance. Take some time out of your day to do nothing, to just be, whether that is alone or with others around you. But let go of the pressures and deadlines. ‘Chillax’ as the cool kids used to say.

Because I’ll tell you what. When I stopped for a second and put my feet up, I no longer felt like Robin.

I was Superman. And I was fantastic.



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