Leave an echo behind

Whispering the words trust me, you put your palm against my heartbeat and told me to listen. Your forehead was touching mine and we were breathing the same air, frozen in a cliche. We stayed like that until the sun came up. We stayed like that until I believed you loved me.

* * *

I tried to run, tried to drag you down the hill with me, but you tripped and fell and lay in the grass laughing until you got a stitch. You were beautiful even with your face scrunched up and your cheeks blotchy. The only boy I had ever seen cry. I told you you were an idiot, so you stuck your tongue out at me and put leaves in my hair. I hated that.

* * *

You let go of the kite before I was ready. My hands were mittens, tangled up in that flimsy string you told me would hold the weight of an elephant, or maybe even me. Cheeky sod. The diamond flapped in the wind, sunlight bleeding through it and blinding me as I chased after it, running right into you so you would catch me. When I landed, the breath was knocked out of me and I struggled for air as you pressed your lips to mine, drowning me.

* * *

The first time I caught you singing in the shower, you chased me around the house in a towel and rubbed your wet hair all over my face, demanding me to stop laughing. You bit my nose when I couldn’t. Your breath smelt like peppermint and shampoo.

* * *

Sometimes, if I sit really still and close my eyes, you are here. I can feel your breath tickling my cheek as you tell me to wake up, teasing me, telling me I’ve been snoring. You refuse to shave more than once a millennia and your stubble scrapes against my chin.

* * *

That’s when I remember.

Source: blog.pearhaven.com

Source: blog.pearhaven.com


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