Well, dip me in ink and colour me purple!

The most magical moment in writing is when what you are carving out, letter for letter, comes to life. It breathes, it sings, it roars, it flies from the page and into the aether. And you are Creator.

Now, this is not new to any of you. In fact, I am certain that you have had many more of these moments that I could ever lay claim to – and I envy that. When the characters on a page run away from you and say something you had never planned…and something you could now never discard. When a world is built up around you brick by brick…until the bricks melt away and turn to seamless marble. When a monster twists and mutates…and becomes the most beautiful creature ever dreamt. I hope to have that. I hope to one day look back at my work and be able to point to the sky and say: ‘I made that. That is me up there.’

The thing is, I have learned recently that we bring things to life every day, and not necessarily in writing. Talking to a small child we find ourselves telling stories of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, shaping that tiny person’s mind and filling it with imagination and wonder. The first time we question the ‘Meaning of Life’ or some equally daunting prospect, we are cooking up a whole recipe of ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes’ and stirring them until they match the consistency of what we feel but cannot quite say. Telling someone you love them brings to the surface a lifetime of expectations, of puffy white dresses, of fat little children, and the wrinkles of old age.

We are living not in one static world, but a mismatch of thousands. We are eternally creating endless possibilities, beginnings of the new, memorials of the old, promises of the future. We are conductors of silent music and summoners of dreams. We nuture in nature and blur features in a mirror. We are eternally Creators of ourselves and all of those around us.

So those days when you feel like there is nothing of worth you can offer and you’d be better off staying in bed? Hell, do it. Stay under that duvet and don’t even get a glimpse of the sun until you are ready.

Instead, spend the day dreaming up fantastical notions of dragons, and power, and magic. Dream, and create, and mould, and adapt.

And then, Creator, get out of bed and share it with the world.

by littl3fairy

by littl3fairy


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