Grubby, floured, raw and real

Getting crafty for Easter!

Getting crafty for Easter!

I sometimes find myself sitting down to start writing a blog only to start worrying. What if no one reads it? What if no one likes it? How do I make a day in my life interesting to the world wide web?

Cue the minor meltdown and a hasty scuttle away from the computer.

But now I’m beginning to understand what a waste of energy all of that worry is. No one can have exciting days every day. Not everyone has a new story to share after just 24 hours. It’s not a given that your next blog post will have more ‘likes’ than the last.

And that’s ok. The thing is, I don’t come on wordpress for popularity. I’m not on here to get as many followers as possible or an inbox full of comments. I embrace the fact that – for now, maybe not forever – I am simply me. I am one person with one life, sharing one story. So what I have to say is already different from everyone else.

So what is my story today?

Welcome to my Easter weekend…

* * *

Saturday was a day for baking! Hot cross buns and a three tiered Easter cake…our ambitious goal for one afternoon. For the hot cross buns, we used Delia Smith’s recipe.


It was going so well…until the timer failed to go off. What remained of the buns were a sorry sight!


So we quickly turned to the cake, a simple regular sponge with coloured butter icing and decorated with creme eggs, mini marshmallows, and butterfly sprinkles.


This was the result!


Exhausted and (mostly) pleased with the results, we settled in for the night with the rest of Britain to watch the long anticipated episode of Doctor Who, ready for our Easter Sunday walk through Cheddar Gorge in Somerset.


So, today, this was me. This is my Easter. This is my story.


What’s yours?


2 thoughts on “Grubby, floured, raw and real

    • Thank you! I agree, the written word can take you in so many directions and reflect so much of the author. I often find that when writing, a lesson emerges that I’m not always fully aware of, which is why it remains such a precious thing to me.

      Happy Easter to you too! I hope you’ve had a wonderful and blessed weekend.

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