I think I am possessed.

To my dear readers of this blog post –

Today, this blog is taking the (albeit vague) form of a letter, which is down to the fact that I have spent my entire day writing a short epistolary story. I have come home, exhausted, with my first draft tucked neatly away in my documents folder, happy with what I’ve accomplished…

…but at the same time, full of the emotions of the character penning the letters.

In short, at the tender age of twenty, I am currently feeling like an exhausted widow, having just said goodbye to her husband and daughter.

Heavy stuff to deal with on a Wednesday afternoon.

But isn’t this, at the same time, absolutely fantastic? That you can spend the whole day writing and become so immersed in the tale you’re creating that it crawls under your skin and refuses to separate itself when you put it away? Right now, I feel possessed by this character – but it is a welcome possession. I am waiting with baited breath for a voice to whisper to me the next line of a letter. Crazy though this may sound, I revel in the absolute control a story has over me when writing. Whenever this happens to me, I feel I have created something a little bit magical.

Someone I look up to a great amount in the world of writing once said that it is when you manage to write your greatest truth, with nobody, not even yourself recognising it in your work, that you have achieved something truly special. The piece I wrote today may not be special to anyone but me, but I am fine with that. I am happy in the knowledge that there is a tiny piece of me in that story, that there is a nugget of pure honesty nestled away waiting silently for recognition.

As long as what you write is true to yourself, you can ask for no more.

So today, I want to celebrate writing. I want to celebrate the fantasies, and realities, and topsy-turvy worlds of craziness that are penned by the minds of writers. Greatness in the shortest haiku or the thickest doorstop of a novel is something to shout out in happiness about to the whole world!

Today I wrote something true and I am proud of that.

Tomorrow, my lies may be true for another and I will be equally proud of that.

Either way, creation is a gateway to greatness. Let it take hold.

What did you create today?

Yours, in anticipation of tomorrow,



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