I am so tired. In fact, I’m more than tired. I’m beat. I’m bleary. I’m dog-tired. I’m done for. I’m frazzled. I’m run down, sapped, weak, wasted, worn out, EXHAUSTED. I’m…

…I’m out of breath after spouting the contents of a thesaurus at you.

I’ve spent the entire week, day in, day out, 9am to 6pm every day sat in a library. Conducting research, reading critical journals, writing essays…and I am worn out.


It’s not as if I’ve finished yet either. I have another thousand words and a whole other research project to go, so the end does not feel like it’s on the horizon (though good lordy, it most definitely is, with a deadline of next friday).

So today is not going to be a long one. In fact, it probably won’t even be an interesting one. But it is one in which I wish to make an announcement.

I have finally joined the world of ‘twitter’. For those of you (myself included) who don’t get it, I have so far gathered that you simply inform the world of every thought you’ve ever had and stick a ‘#’ at the end of it with a few witty words. I’m not so good at the witty. BUT I have found it’s an excellent way to spread word around about new blogs, news, ideas. So if you have an account and wish to have elspod 24/7 (GOD how bland that sounds!) then you are most welcome to follow me.

I promise I will post something outrageously interesting and informative when I am done frying my brain.

Until then, I give you an inexpert picture of me. On twitter. Tweeting away.

bird ellie

Find me at @elspod …and hope the crazy ebbs away soon.


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