I’m out of sync with you

Relationships become a complex wiring of life the older you get. They stop being a fairytale and start to hollow out, waiting for change.

And that’s the problem: we spend too much of our lives waiting for change and then moaning when it doesn’t happen. It’s difficult to make that leap from wishing for something to change to doing something about it, especially in a relationship when previously things have gone so smoothly. It would be so easy to give up the second things became hard.

But there is a reason relationships get harder. They wouldn’t be worth having if you didn’t want to fight for it. Relationships become unrecognisable. They hurt you and heal you and make you laugh and make you cry. They are infinite and living.

And they are worth saving.

* * *

I’m out of sync with you

like a hip-hop



spreading a skin of butter over bread.

Electric hands implode

at a distance of millimeters,

stretched across galaxies

littered with metal cans and paper cups.

I’m twisting.




spinning free, a rubber ball

burning through space as fire.

Feathered lips contort a song

into different coloured words;

A kiss into an army of bombs

screaming in droplets of rain.

I’m out of sync with you

like a quick trick

deck of cards

swimming through cheers.

I wait and wonder







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