The girl who makes me Benjamin Button

Over the past week or so, the pattern of my life has changed. I have finished uni, completed all assignments and am faced with a 4 month summer holiday. That leaves me with so much spare time I hardly knew what to do with myself…so I sent out a plea for company and was treated to a welcome invasion of my best friend coming to visit.

I believe that friendship is supremely important. They are the people you can laugh with, debate with, drink with, go crazy with, talk about love and sex with…they are whoever you need them to be without any complications.

Don’t get me wrong – my partner is my best friend and love of my life – but at the same time, when he’s really annoyed me, I need that friend I can turn to for a vent before seeing him again. Because if I don’t, he’s more than likely to be met with an incredibly hostile She-Hulk, green muscles bulging out of tattered remains of clothes that he will be expected to replace out of his own wallet, however unfair that may seem.

We ALL need friends. We’re like watermelons: independent, colourful, delicious, and full of seeds of potential…but put us on a table and we can’t help but roll off the edge. Everyone needs a bit of support sometimes.

Back to the point.

When my best friend arrived, we headed straight for the nearest coffee shop…and then the nearest bar…and eventually found ourselves tucked up in bed giggling through mouthfuls of strawberry donuts in the early hours of the morning.

Being with her was like travelling back in time to when we were children, running around the house performing private concerts of Britney Spears songs, and playing ‘House’ in the middle of a football pitch, ignoring the yells of frustrated boys. But it’s always like that with her. However long it’s been since we last saw each other, we simply slot back into place, settling into our friendship as if it’s been no time at all.

In some ways, it was like a Detox – granted, not the healthy food kind – but a detox from life itself. We took some time out from things that were upsetting us and worrying us, talked them through, and then shrugged the worries off, re-living old memories and sharing secrets. She soothed my qualms about my partner and I made her laugh harder than she had in months. We were, temporarily at least, each others’ cure, which I love about seeing her.

Friends are not hard to come by, no matter what some say. I don’t know if I believe in soul mates, but I do believe in mates, and I believe they are everywhere you turn. It just so happens though, that once in a while you meet that special One. That One that gets your sense of humour, that loves the things that you love, that shares experiences and dreams.

That One that you stay up with all night long chanting maniacal mantras after eating too much sugar, despite being 20 years of age.

So for pulling me back through time, for making me young again, and being my One, I dedicate this one to you, my crazy best friend and sister.

Hand to hand, foot to foot, bum to bum, boob to boob. Forever together, pinky to pinky.’



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