Introducing my Wednesday and Thursday!

This time last week, I introduced you all to my New York Plan of Greatness (NYPG). In order to make it to my Friday, I needed a goal – my New York trip in this case – to work towards, something to remind me of why I am sacrificing my morning bagel and torturing myself with six mile hikes on the weekends.

Here I am. Hiking and posing away in a pair of stonkingly nice yellow wellies.

Here I am. Hiking and posing away in a pair of stonkingly nice yellow wellies.

My NYPG has actually been a lot of fun so far. In the photo above, I am with my Ma, sister and baby half brother. Le man is behind the camera. We decided to get active in the sun this weekend and did a canal walk that, fortunately enough, ended in a pub visit for an ice cold diet coke.

We all laughed when the little nine year old in our midst was the first to spot it in the distance, because on sight of it he yelled: ‘A pub! We’re SAVED.’ I swear he didn’t get that from me.

Along the way, we picked a few flowers (and interesting looking weeds), so as to do a bit of flower pressing. We played Pooh Sticks over the bridge. The two boys had a great time, flying up and down the path pretending to be Superman, while the girls walked sedately along and squealed appropriately at the sight of thorns of cow pats.

It was a great day, because I got to do what I love most: spend time with the people I love and EXPLORE. It was simply a bonus that the hike benefited my NYPG.


After writing last week’s post, I got thinking. New York is a fantastic goal. It’s inspiring, motivational, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing for me so I want it to be perfect. But it would also be nice to have some mini goals. Maybe so I can make it to my Wednesday and Thursday.

So here’s introducing the new days of the week:

Introducing Wednesday...

Introducing Wednesday…

...and Thursday!

…and Thursday!

Come on, I am a GIRL, what could be better motivation than pretty dresses to spur me on? These are two of my favourites, two dresses that I have never quite fitted in to, at least not comfortably. I have these hanging up in my room, there as a visual reminder of the smaller steps I have to take before I get to my end goal.

We all have goals – but there is no point in pressuring ourselves to make it there at the snap of our fingers. Setting some smaller goals that help us along the way gives that sense of achievement, that motivation to keep going. Today of all days, we need this: on a Monday, we all need something to look forward to with such a long week stretching ahead of us.

In a project like this one, it’s good to remember to bite off chewable chunks, not mouthfuls that choke you (little foody pun there for you all). Here’s my little nibble for the moment at least.

I’m still searching for my NYPG Tuesday, but I know that’ll come to me. No point in worrying. Baby steps.

Baby steps, that have led me to a loss of 2 and a half pounds this week.


* * *

I just want to say a quick thank you for those who have shown concern for me recently and have commented on posts that I’ve not yet replied to – I will get around to it, but I have to dash as tonight I have my girly night with cocktails that I told you all about on Saturday! Have a lovely Monday everyone, drinks on me!


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