GET IN MY POD…(please)

Hey there, ‘podders!

This is going to be a very short post, more of a cybernet wave to all of you out there to let you know I AM STILL HERE.

Having a whale of a time at the moment – (not that I’m entirely sure what a whale fills its time with or why it’s relevant right now) – but unfortunately that means I have no time to sit down and take the space to blog.

So I’m going to rapid-shoot news of my life at you all and hope that satiates your elspod-y thirst until I come back!

Weekend news:

Wonderful time, glorious time, memorable time! We jumped in the car first thing saturday morning a whizzed down to the beach in the glorious summer weather. Spent the day burning my thighs, they now look like two giant hams…but then, who doesn’t like ham? Or the vegetarian equivalent? Ham is good.

935085_10200291675756194_741597095_n (1)


Can anyone tell where the man ends and the sand begins?

Can anyone tell where the man ends and the sand begins?


A grumpy burnt little sister

A grumpy burnt little sister


The Sunday we spent (foolishly in my overheated opinion) trekking up a gorge. The views were breathtaking at the top, and the whole thing was that little bit more worth it when we were treated to a delectable picnic back at the car.

946300_10200291690916573_829218485_n 1013171_10200291698916773_1956892363_n

Not just that, but I then only went and GOT MYSELF A JOB that very same day.

I know, I am a superstar.

It’s a placement with a five day week, long hours and is in a place buzzing with tourists and young children getting overexcited on their summer holiday. (So already, I love it there!)

I started three days ago and my ankles haven’t stopped throbbing, I have said the words ‘chenny pain’ instead of ‘penny change’ more times than I can count, and have discovered how to gently refuse a young child all the money out of the till even when he’s waving a plastic gun at you.

Week time news:

The NYPG is still up and running but I haven’t DARED step on the scales. I keep telling my tutting reflection that it’s because I naturally put on weight in the heat. I soak in all the sun’s rays. And there’s not a chance I’ll have lost any body mass when I’m full of burning star.


Otherwise, my life has been a whirlwind of work, meeting new staff and finding my place in the maintenance of the Zap Zone (which yes, is as fun as it sounds).

I thought I would leave you with a video of me that le man’s younger brother made. It’s a selection of funny clips of me trying and failing to play a game called Minecraft. (I am fully aware I most likely lost a lot of my audience by typing those words.) I won’t bore you with the details.

Shockingly, as with many games, the baddies are the monsters – you should avoid them, or at least be a true gamer and try to kill them. I make no pretences however…

…this is a thorough demonstration of how NOT to kill them.

I hope you’re all having a smashingly good week. It’s my sister’s eighteenth birthday this Friday (eee, I’m feeling old), so I’m off to bake her a cake. No doubt you’ll hear from me before the week is out.

Have a sunny smiley week, everyone.


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