To being human in all our Un-Glory

I am typing this (slowly) on a kindle in the warmth of a cosy b&b to share a quick message with you all, a sort of human triumph if you will.

Tonight, me and le man were sipping wine in a pub, talking about Us and Life and the mega cute babies in the corner, when he raised his glass to make a toast.

What he said would make some people cringe, or roll their eyes at in a ‘well DUH’ kind of way, but it made me smile.

This holiday has presented us with some rather harsh realities of existence, as holidays always do with most people. It seems ironic that we all run away from the comfort of our homes to a strange place in order to rekindle fun or romance…and yet when there, the space you’re now occupying is MUCH smaller. Like tiny small. Like wow this is a lot of flesh in one space kind of small.

Just because you want romance doesn’t mean feet don’t stink after a three hour hike. Just because you’re in a posh restaurant doesn’t mean you’re not going to burp. Just because someone’s listening through the frighteningly thin walls doesn’t mean you aren’t going to *whispers* go to the toilet. Cue bashful giggle.

We don’t become these romantic film stars on a set of perfection, just because we’re on holiday.

Which is why when le man raised his glass and said ‘Here’s to being human!’ I smiled.

Because it turns out love does conquer all. Even the unfortunate, occasionally embarrassing trait of humanity.


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