An apology from the lap of a wise man in the guise of a girl

It has been a scarily long three weeks since I last wrote to you all on here. A fabulous, but exhausting and busy three weeks which soon, I promise I shall share with you.

But just not today.

Today, all I will say is a meek sorry to you all. I hope I haven’t annoyed any of you into a grumpy state of ignoring me, but to be honest, I wouldn’t blame you. I have not been the most consistent blogger! As all of those wise men that live in temples in the midst of beautiful jungles preach to us: Each day is a New Day, so make of it what you will. (Ok, so they may not say those exact words. But they should. They’re good, solid words.)

So on this New Day, I have decided to reach out to old friends and familiar writers in order to wrap up a story I was sharing with you all: the journey of the NYPG (or, for those of you who don’t know a jot about it, my New York Plan of Greatness).

Why today? I hear you ask. Why now?

Well, my lovelies, that would be because I fly out to the Big Apple TOMORROW MORNING!!


(Excitement boxed away and put to one side for a second.)

The last time I wrote about the NYPG, I wasn’t entirely sure how much weight I had lost, if any at all. I was busy feeling good and happy and wonderfully, entirely me.

NOW, however, I can happily tell you all that in the last month and a half since I started, I have lost a neat 9 pounds and am a very happy chappy. Before and after photos to follow, when I have a picture of the whole of me and not just my grinning face!


Here I am, being all happy!

It’s been a month of three mile hikes to work every morning, sandwiches for a brief lunch and then slimming down the portions of meals in the evenings. It’s been a month of scurrying around after little children, arguing with angry parents (professionally), and lugging boxes out of storerooms. It’s been a month of LIVING, without paying any real attention to food, and as a result, realising that I don’t need it as much as I used to think I did.

The whole point of this was for me to feel more confident on my trip to America. It was all to make me feel Great for New York and walk along the pavements of a new city with a different swagger in my step and glint in my eye. And when I look at myself now, I am starting to see it. I’m feeling my chin raised higher as I head down the road; I’m noticing what I wear and paying attention to what I look like; I’m making effort with myself and other people when I didn’t have the energy or drive to do so before.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is…the NYPG was a success, to a point. I don’t feel quite done with it yet, but I do feel like that’s ok. I have time. I have buckets of time and there’s no rush because I’ve done what I set out to do. I may not look as great as I had planned, but boy, do I FEEL it.

I have so many adventures coming up and so many things I have done recently to share with you all and I can’t wait. It’s going to be fantastic. You’re just going to have to bear with me and wait a little bit longer.

I’ll be back in a week. I’m heading to the States to try my hand at being Great in New York.

(Excitement unleashed.)



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