One more try

I am twenty six (or for some, twenty seven) days late in saying this – but New Years is so full of new-ness I feel a bit lost in this shiny new place. New clothes, new figure, new food, new you. New new.

Keep saying the same word over and over again and it starts to lose all meaning. New.

If you look back at the last post I wrote it was…well, it was a long time ago. But I think it’s because in the end, every word I typed felt old. There was no new-ness in my blog, because there was nothing new in me, and it was starting to show. I’m not entirely convinced there’s been much change but I have been writing again, and some opportunities are starting to present themselves that are really exciting and giving me a bit of a boost. The boost sounds like a that cliched train whistling the word ‘Neeewwww’ at me as it pulls into station.

So coming up I have a few creative pieces to share, and the last two installments of Life in a New York Minute (finally), along with some thrilling close-up shots of Adam Levine from when I went all fan girl and rocked up to my first ever gig.

Oh, and I promise, that crazy train won’t be whistling the word ‘new’ at you for a long time to come.

All aboard?

Just to prove I'm not lying.

Just to prove I’m not lying.


2 thoughts on “One more try

  1. Twenty six days since the new New Year. Twenty six vows unfulfilled. So much potential in the days to come, so much I know I *can* do, but will I? Hang onto life one more day, hoping that just one day in the week, the month, the year will be the day something happens.

    Thanks for writing this. I feel like I really understand your sentiment… oorrrrr I could be completely misinterpreting but I think I get it! I think… possibly… maybe… >_>

    Cheers and good luck! ‘Twas a good reminder for me to kick myself and make something happen. Thanks again 🙂

    • No thank you! It’s such a great feeling when someone responds to your writing.

      Every word we send out there is open to the interpretations, hearts, minds and loves of strangers and friends, which is what I think makes it so magical. Your response is one that made me look back at my own writing and try to read it the way you have. It’s made me appreciate the power of the individual as writer and reader, for which I thank you (again).

      Looking forward to reading your future posts! 🙂

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