Summer Loves on a Saturday Night


You ever feel that tingly buzz in the air that means summer has arrived? Because I think it’s here.

The city is fragrant with summer tonight: the sun is shining, the sky is blue, my feet are covered in stripy tan lines from my sandals as I type this is the back garden. And I can hear the sound checks and laughter and music that announces the preparations for the University Summer Ball.

This is my first year here so this Ball is somewhat new to me. An unknown. With a hefty price tag on the ticket, I will not be going tonight, but I still feel it in the air. It’s like that feeling of summer. It IS that feeling of summer.

Ahhh! I feel excited! It’s like an addiction almost, this happy bubbly season. I want to whack on a pair of shorts and go barbecue some meat, sunglasses shading my eyes, a cold can of beer clutched in hand as I wave the prongs around.

Burger anyone?



Some of my best summer memories are evenings spent out in the garden. One of the family barbecues sizzling away as we sit chatting until the sun goes down, fat jacket potatoes puffing out heat from the oven, glasses sweating white wine. Giggling about boys and wistfully planning out future holidays. New York, Milan, Hawaii…

cocktailsIt’s pretty great having an all-girl family. I love my dad and my brother TO BITS, but it is nice to relax with your girls. We can swap clothes and nail varnish, and spend hours getting ready in front of mirrors with a bit of Britney Spears blaring as we dance around trying to zip up a dress. It’s the expected girly traits, it’s the cliche, and it’s fantastic.

This is how summer makes me feel, I suppose. Girly. No excuse for wearing big hoodies and hiding away in a bulky coat. It’s the time to paint yourself in beautiful colours and wear skirts that swish around your ankles; share cocktails in the sun and play music out of your open bedroom window.

People come together just to be together.

On this particular summer night, I am with my man, who is currently whipping me up some tea (isn’t he nice?) He’s no girl, I grant you, so perhaps the nail painting isn’t going to happen.

But, it’s summer, and we can feel it in the air.

And there’s nothing to stop us dancing to a bit of Britney in the setting sun with a bottle of wine.